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Well, it’s finally starting to happen. Unfortunately, my and indeed Hunter's social media weapon of choice, Instagram is fast becoming the new #andme media. Naturally, it was only going to be a matter of time before Facebook started to ramp up the marketing side of things. That’s understandable. But with this increase in activity comes a change that is likely to spell the beginning of the end unless brands start to think before they post.

Whilst being a fantastically creative social medium for a while now, marketers late to the game are clamouring over the perceived opportunity to speak to millions. Yet their frantic rush to make up for lost time is starting to result in content without much substance. The instagram we all enjoyed of old is now gone as our feeds are flooded by wallpaper content deemed interesting by algorithms and marketing budgets. And that’s the problem. As users, we are now switching off. Too many ads. Too many brands. Too many suggestions. Of course, there is nothing wrong with brands wanting to communicate to the masses, but in an oversubscribed media landscape, you sure as hell need to have something interesting, relevant or useful to share.

At Hunter, our happy place as an agency is giving a client and their brand substance, a mission, a voice and get them from behind the 8-ball to being in front of it. When a brand is in the shit, they have no second chance at getting it right. Which means saying the right thing, to the right people and in the right medium. Or at least an unexpected medium.

There’s no cookie-cutter approach to this. Sure, there are fundamentals - but brands are always in a different place in their life cycle, not to mention different products/personalities/goals and so on. So to make things happen, we get brands to recognise their EQ and re-engage with what made them interesting or exciting in the first place. We then do something that breaks the mould and starts a conversation rather than going down the #andme path. This could be content orientated, activations, traditional mediums or a simple hello from the help desk. Whatever it is, we make sure the message is compelling enough to be shared in the first place. Like the content we recently created for Australian Bitters. Not wanting the content to be like the wallpaper I’ve been moaning about, we made a series of useful guides that taught Australian how to mix the perfect cocktail - a social mixing class that pushed tastebuds and sales. We’re following that up with physical activations that talks directly to the people who love and use the product. Win win. Whilst not revolutionary, the content had a purpose that went beyond posting for the sake of posting.

Pushing brands out of their comfort zone is when great stuff happens and people pay attention. And for that, you need brands or marketers who think beyond ticking boxes and are willing to say something interesting. Yep, we love those type of marketers and helping them to that promised land of engagement and relevance which lives beyond the #andme world is our sort of rocket fuel.

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