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Project: Amazing Muesli
Client: Hubbards Foods
Expertise: Brand Campaign

Finding The Love: Becoming relevant and #1 again.

Reinvention can do many things; realign your brand, drive sales to stratospheric places and get hearts beating again. From our side, we get a simple buzz from seeing brands spark back to life again. And of course the accompanying results. One such buzz came from our brand reboot for the good folk at Hubbards.

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After a long stint as a tired number three with zero brand presence, Hubbards, the original L'enfant terrible of New Zealand cereal wanted to regain the number one spot. With a severe identity crisis and poor public engagement, nothing short of a top-to-bottom Reboot was needed.

Working closely with the newly-appointed senior management team, we quickly realised the Hubbards’ brand wasn’t broken; it just needed its mojo back. Flipping things on its head, we immediately stopped them acting like a big company and started to behave like a start up. This meant we could effectively become a brand that spoke and listened to people on a personal level, starting with a simple ‘hello’.

Developing the friendly personality and tone-of-voice, we then positioned the brand around the strategic yet philanthropic statement ‘Make good food. Then make a difference’. Next, we aligned the personality across all brand touch points culminating in a launch campaign for the new ‘Amazing Muesli’ range.

With hats doffed to co-creators Perry Bradley from Film Construction & Assembly’s Jonny Kofoed for their film and animation work, plus Coats Design for packaging, the resulting campaign kickstarted a cycle of events that has seen Hubbards regain its number one position as market leader for three consecutive years (and counting).

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Brand strategy, creative strategy, creative direction, art direction, copywriting, graphic design, illustration, packaging, social media, website design, project management, production management & execution.

*Hubbards Foods was sold to Walter & Wild.

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