Laphroaig Candle

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Project: Laphroaig Candle
Client: Beam Suntory
Expertise: Brand Activation, Strategy & Packaging

“We know the premium bar owners are very protective of the atmosphere and reputation they have cultivated. These hand-crafted candles respect that approach while rewarding some of our best customers with a unique gift that underlines the quality and craftsmanship that goes into Laphroaig itself.” - Dan Woolley, National Whisky Ambassador

Candles in bottles are almost a barroom (and student flat) cliché. But they’re also the inspiration for our larger-than-life Laphroaig candle-in-a-bottle candle, a playful, tongue-in-cheek response to an age-old marketing problem; creating branding that stands out in environments typically hesitant to display branded messaging. In this case, venues such as Brisbane’s West End fine whisk(e)y haunt, Cobbler Bar and Melbourne’s Boilermaker House.

Each candle was handmade by our co-creator, renowned special effects and props maker John Osborne. For his part, John researched various facets of candle making, creating custom moulds and sourcing the right materials. The hardest part of the job being to custom bind a wick that could burn through the various thicknesses of the candle. With a burn time of over 72 hours, each candle certainly caught the eye, gaining Laphroaig some serious traction - especially the one which found it’s way into a private room at Melbourne’s Crown Casino.


Brand strategy, creative strategy, creative direction, art direction, graphic design, packaging design, activation, project management, production management & execution.

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