Project: #MyOutwardBound
Client: Hubbards Foods
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Identity & Campaign

“It was fantastic to receive such a response and have the ability to generate amazing content from the stunning images that people uploaded on Instagram.” - Rebecca Bergs, Marketing Manager

If we were to rank our all-time-fav projects, the brand campaign for Hubbards’ rebooted Outward Bound* muesli range is up there. Sure, 1.3 million impressions and over 200,000 video views in four weeks did put a smile on the face (phenomenal figures considering New Zealand only has a population of 4.5 million). But what made us really happy was the public’s emotional response.

hunterand projects myoutwardbound hubbards brand campaign 1
hunterand projects myoutwardbound hubbards brand campaign 2

The brand campaign created fantastic exposure for not only the muesli range but also Hubbards’ strong 20 year+ relationship with Outward Bound and their on-going commitment to donate 60 cents from each pack sold to the organisation.

Built around the idea that people genuinely like to share the places they reach sporting nirvana or have their own ‘Outward Bound’ moment, we created a campaign that encouraged them to post images of these places on Instagram. In return, they received bragging rights and the chance to win Outward Bound courses and equipment.

Working with regular co-creators General Studios, Matt Quérée and BackChat Media, the campaign was supported through strategic Facebook and Instagram advertising and influencer collaborations. Looking at the content, we’re still blown away by the public reaction and the beautiful spaces out there.


Brand strategy, creative strategy, creative direction, art direction, copywriting, graphic design, film, photography, social media, digital campaign, project management, production management & execution.

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