Sensory Lab Rare Coffee

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Project: Rare Coffee
Client: Sensory Lab
Expertise: Brand, Strategy & Packaging

"Hunter’s branding work was instrumental and continues to guide company decisions to this day." - Lachlan Ward, General Manager

Without the right contacts and bank balance, it used to be difficult getting your hands on the world’s rarest coffee. These days, you can just pop down to Sensory Lab. As part of their mission to create a perfect coffee experience for everyone and some brand awareness for themselves, they opened up their little black book and secured limited batches of the world’s rarest coffees for the great and the good to try. And at a fair price. The initiative also made for a fantastic canvas with which to bolster Sensory Lab’s reputation and brand identity.

"Not wanting to inflate costs with ‘over-the-top’ packaging, we stayed true to our new brand language” says Hunter Senior Designer, Stine Kristoffersen. “That meant an elegantly simple design with clean lines and a gloss finish to add a subtle sense of luxe. It all comes together to create something that teases the senses.”

The tags say it all: #Kalibús la Sierra, #El Mirador Natural, #El Burro Gesha, #Luito Estate Gesha

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Brand strategy, creative strategy, creative direction, art direction, copywriting, graphic design, naming, brand identity, packaging design, project management, production management & execution.

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