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Project: Vodka Soda &
Client: Ampersand Projects
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Identity & Packaging

"No agency that I have dealt with in my time understands the importance of brand more than Hunter." - Alex Bottomley, Co-Founder & Director

Vodka, Lime & Soda has long been the ‘guilt-free’ drink of choice for clean living body, health and image conscious tribes. Knowing its popularity, it was a wonder that no one had really taken the opportunity to create a crafted, cleaner premium Ready-To-Drink Vodka & Soda product… simple ingredients, no added sugar, no mules… you know, the type of drink a marketing savvy millennial audience would respect and enjoy.

In one of those ‘Why didn’t we think of that’ moments, Hunter friends Alex & Marcus asked us for help in bringing such a drink to life.

Whilst having years of experience with premium international alcoholic brands, they needed guidance on how to be a challenger business. The hard and bleak truth is 9 out of 10 startups fail, so when developing businesses and launching new brands, we know what to expect. Thus, saving Alex & Marcus a lot of time and grief when launching their startup.

As the team picked our brains on all things strategic, we also got to work on developing a name, identity and architecture. Knowing Vodka and Soda to be the base of many a drink, we started thinking of a name that could work with all the many different mixers on offer. The Ampersand seemed perfect in meaning and also structure. Vodka, Soda & fresh Lime, Vodka, Soda &… whatever you want.

To visually compliment such a simple name, we crafted a quietly sophisticated identity; a graphical language that feels refreshingly vibrant yet effortlessly cool - something that would look good in your hand and live within in many different social scenes and channels.

As the brand has networked its way across the right parties, with the right people and the right instagram accounts, rapid growth has been authentic and phenomenal. With listings in BWS, Dan Murphy’s and other major and key independent retailers across Australia, Alex & Marcus have also been awarded 'Startup Winners' for Sydney’s prestigious ‘Young Entrepreneurs Of The Year’ Award. And considering 90% of startups fail, we think Alex & Marcus are already onto a winner.

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