Start up. Scale up. Reboot.

Change your brand for the better.


A start-up with a burning ambition that’ll set the world alight. Or a scale-up pre-Series A raise wondering ‘what do we do if we pull this off’? Maybe you’re part of a new senior leadership team at a well-known company that’s ‘been there, done that’ and tasked with overhauling a business.


Entrepreneurs, strategists, creatives and brand practitioners who, over twelve years, have helped create a billion dollars worth of value for our clients. Inspired by start-ups, scale-ups, challenger brands and other agents of change with entrepreneurial mindsets, ambitious goals and a thirst for success, our purpose is to help connect your brand with modern worlds and next generation consumers.


Collaboration. Partnership. Movement. Strategy. Creative. Graft. Ideas. Action. Deep soul searching. Whatever you call it, this is the positive union of you and us getting to the heart of the business problem, challenge or opportunity and helping you reach The Promised Land.


We know first-hand that Promised Lands are difficult to reach without the correct strategy. We also know that it’s best to cut to the chase and simplify the complicated. This is why we’ve created the Hunter Planning Process. It’s where you share your world with us. How and why it’s changing, what winning looks like, what losing looks like and what’s stopping you from moving forward. By deeply understanding this, discussing and simplifying it down into a meaningful roadmap ensures that we have the greatest possibility of success.


Brands are like people. They reflect all the things that you, as a business, stand for. Your values, beliefs, likes, dislikes, dreams, desires, wants and needs all combined to create a personality that’s unique. Identifying and celebrating these human traits, we can help you create an amazing culture, attract passionate employees, loyal customers, engage investors and capture value like never before.


Building something people want or need is fantastic, but if they don’t know you’ve launched, scaled or rebooted… all your efforts can quickly fall short. Connection, as the word implies, is where we help take your business, product or service to the world. Whether that's through an employee handbook, your website, a brand campaign, or an app… this is all about how you’ll interact with your internal and external audiences.

Hunter's commitment to deliver high quality, refreshing work across all touch points - never waivers.

— Liz Coburn, Global Brand Activation Manager, 2XU

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