Launch, scale and sell.
Get your brand market-ready.


A founder with a burning ambition that’ll set the world alight. Maybe you’re a venture capitalist or a private equity firm looking to help scale your investment and unlock exponential business value. Or you’re part of a new senior leadership team at a well-known company that’s been tasked with getting the business in shape to sell.


Entrepreneurs, strategists, creatives and brand practitioners who, over fourteen years, have helped create billions of dollars worth of value and return for our clients. Our expertise and passion lay in helping businesses successfully launch, scale and sell by simplifying, humanising and connecting their brands to the right markets (locally, nationally, and globally).


A collaborative partnership where we get to the heart of your business challenge or opportunity, before formulating and executing on a strategic plan that will create the impact and connection your brand needs to achieve the ultimate success. What does that success look like? That’s down to you.

The Hunter Methodology


Success is difficult to achieve without simplifying the complicated. This is why we always begin with strategy and the Hunter Planning Process. It’s where you share your world with us. How and why it’s changing, what winning looks like, what losing looks like and what’s stopping you from moving forward. By deeply understanding this, discussing and simplifying it down into a meaningful, strategic roadmap ensures that we have the greatest possibility of success.


Brands reflect all the things your business stands for… values, dreams, likes and dislikes. By identifying and celebrating these human traits, we create unique brand personalities that resonate with audiences, talk to new ones, rejuvenate team cultures, attract engaged investors and capture value like never before.


Connect, as the word implies, is where we take your business, product or service to the world. Whether that's through an employee handbook, website, an app, packaging or a Go-To-Market campaign, this is about ensuring success by identifying the optimum channels to reach your audience and creating collateral that… connects.

Hunter's commitment to deliver high quality, refreshing work across all touch points - never waivers.

— Liz Coburn, Global Brand Activation Manager, 2XU

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