Start-up. Scale-up. Reboot.

Change your brand for the better.

About you

A start-up with a burning ambition that’ll set the world alight. Or a scale-up pre-Series A raise wondering ‘what do we do if we pull this off’? Maybe you’re part of a new senior leadership team at a well-known company that’s been there, done that, and is tasked with overhauling the business.

About us

Entrepreneurs, strategists, creatives, and brand practitioners who, over ten years, have helped create a billion dollars worth of value for our clients. Inspired by start-ups, scale-ups, challenger brands and other agents of change with entrepreneurial mindsets, ambitious goals and a thirst for success, our purpose is to help change your brand for the better.

Why this

Reboot. Strategy. Getting creative. Work. Graft. Collaboration. Pep-talk. Deep soul searching. Whatever you want to call it, this is the positive union of you and us getting to the heart of the challenge that’s holding your business back, before turning it into an exciting opportunity.

Simplifying the complex

Our model is built on immersion, collaboration and iteration. Starting with our strategic planning process, we look to understand your world. How and why it’s changing, what winning looks like, what losing looks like and finally what’s stopping you from moving forward. What starts off looking like a challenge quickly becomes an opportunity to take your business to stratospheric heights.

Creativity for humans

Your opportunity is a chance to question, listen, think, explore, experience and live through a series of intrinsic, physical and methodological triggers unique to your business. It's not a linear or cookie-cutter process. It might even seem complex as we dismantle and reassemble our thinking. Yet the outcome is always the same: the perfect ecosystem to help capture a narrative or form a smart business idea that'll ignite the world.

Harmony across everything

‘Smart business ideas that’ll ignite the world’ fizzle out if they do not connect with people on a level. Whether that level is a brand book announcing your purpose to the business, a product range that’s going international or a full-blown global brand campaign with all the trimmings, we make sure your opportunity engages, inspires and prompts the desired effect.

"Hunter's commitment to deliver high quality, refreshing work across all touch points - never waivers."

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