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The making of…

Launching in any over-saturated market takes gumption, ambition, vision and enthusiasm to create a stand-out product and give it the oomph to succeed. This is Dylan Hopkins’ story.

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The making of…
Mingle Seasoning.

Find your niche. Add passion, purpose, amazing product, then work with the best industry experts you can find. Read on for more smart thinking from Mingle Seasoning founder Jordyn Evans.

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The making of…
Foodpreneurs Festival.

CPG founders have it hard with a zillion Start-Up hoops to jump through. But there’s hope in the shape of CPG Industry legend, Chelsea Ford.

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The making of…

Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, Epic… There’s a new indie gaming kid on the block who’s going to right some wrongs. Get ready for The Making of… Glizzy.

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The making of…
Whisky Prieto.

From the country that has given the world mezcal, Tequila and Corona, something equally amazing is about to drop. This is The making of… Whisky Prieto.

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The making of…

We’ve got a favourite new bevy that’ll have baristas spewing. Healthy, ‘shroom infused, instant decaf coffee. Yes, really. This is The making of… Velty.

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The making of…
Wonderland Chocolate.

Disclaimer: Chocolate. It makes our world go round. Dairy, plant-based or other. So we make no apologies for any perceived bias in our latest story.

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The making of…
Merry People.

Music festivals are famous for inspiring life changing moments, but what about business ideas? This is Founder & CEO of Merry People, Dani Pearce’s story.

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Hunter’s guide to… branding budgets.

Setting a branding budget shouldn’t come down to guessing the proverbial length of a piece of string. Our tips will help make the process a bit easier.

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The making of…

Passion inspires more than belief in any start-up. Find out what it did for Cian Dawson and Courtney Brown, Co-Founders of healthy ice cream brand, GYM BOD.

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Five iconic 90’s streetwear brands ready for a revival.

With the 1990s now fully back in trend at the moment, here’s our pick of five streetwear brands that could now be ripe for a timely comeback.

hunter’s guide to briefing a branding agency

Hunter’s guide to… briefing a branding agency.

Calling all marketers, founders, business owners and entrepreneurs. Here’s a simple guide to making your life that little bit easier. You’re welcome.

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The making of…
HERA Denim.

Challenging the fashion industry’s ‘one shape fits all’ trend, Brianna Murphy’s HERA Denim makes jeans for women of all body shapes. This is her story.

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The making of…
Great Wrap.

Sometimes a brand comes along that truly makes a difference. Jordy & Julia Kay’s Great Wrap, a plant-based alternative to pallet wrap is a fine example.

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The making of…
The Lumery – LIVE.

In the seemingly complicated world of MarTech, The Lumery is a shining beacon of clarity. Raj Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO shares the ‘Who, what and why’.

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The making of…
Eloments Tea.

Nicole Lamond and Julie Hirsch’s Eloments Natural Vitamins Tea is fantastic. Fairtrade, healthy and full of vitamins, this is their inspiring story.

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The making of…

Smart Tech solutions come in all shapes and sizes. In this case, it’s of a Virtual Fitting Room dimension. Meet Zilio CEO & Co-Founder, Anthony Kwok.

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The making of…

If you’re a start up in a hotly contested market, category experience is a big plus. Kristian Johannsen of bobby RTD fame, has it by the truck load.

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The making of…

Changing the way the world does ‘smoothies’, Everipe is a brand with a mission. This is Co-founder Kerry Roberts’ & Founder, Greg McMullen’s story.

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The making of…

This. A marketer quits her corporate role to launch a skincare brand that’s centred on the health of people & planet. The end? No, just the beginning.

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The making of…
Hoju Soju.

Soju, Korea’s favourite distilled alcoholic tipple, was relatively unknown in Australia until Hoju Soju’s Paul Wheatley and Damian Kent got to work.

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The making of…

Leaving Google to start your own thing when you’re an Indie Hacker can lead to very exciting things. Meet Julia Enthoven, Co-Founder of Kapwing.

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The making of…
Liquor Loot.

Joel Hauer is more than just your regular Whisky lover. A moment of self-discovery in NYC has become something he wants to share with the world.

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The making of…

As the world’s tastes change, meet the food brand on a mission to give people what they want; food and drinks that ooze taste, ethics & personality.

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The making of…
Consequence of Change.

Strong principals are a good cornerstone for any start up. This is Beverly Johnson’s, founder of ethical fashion label Consequence Of Change, story.

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The making of…
DNA Distillery.

Being first to market can be daunting. However, when your product wins big at it’s first industry competition, you know you’re onto something good.

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The making of…
Lightning Minds.

Inspiration can strike when you least expect. This is Michael Payne’s, founder of non-alcoholic beer label, Lightning Minds, epiphany-like moment.

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The making of…
Jonny – LIVE.

Some categories cry out for change. Meet Bec Park, co-founder of Jonny, the sexual wellness brand smashing stigmas around intimacy, sex & condoms.

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The making of…

Stepping off the corporate ladder to follow your heart can lead to wonderful things. Like launching your own range of healthy, herbal lozenges.

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The making of…

We’ve all been there. Airport security. Pulling your toiletries out of your carryon… in a zip-lock bag. Surely there’s a more stylish alternative?

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The making of…

Hailing from Canada via LA, this is the story of Hardpops, the grownup, fun ice pop brand that does cooler things than turning your tongue blue.

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The making of…
the Better Packaging Co.

The biodegradable, home-compostable, sustainable courier parcels your mailbox and the planet loves… this is The making of… the Better Packaging Co.

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The making of…
ROCC Naturals.

The natural, sustainable, vegan, vitamin-packed toothpaste that’s planting a smile on the world’s dial. This is The Making of… ROCC Naturals.

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The making of…
Hickson House Distilling Co.

With a distinctly Australian Gin under their belt and more Sydney distilled spirits in the works, this is The Making of… Hickson House Distilling Co.

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The making of…

Born of the need for better hydration solutions in the 3rd world, PrepD is one of those product ideas that you know will do more than save lives.

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The making of…

You scream, I scream, actually… everyone’s screaming for arguably the tastiest plant-based gelato around. This is The Making of… Pilk.

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The making of…
Sammie Boy.

The pet ‘furfume’ label inspired by the love for an old, googly-eyed, stinky dog called Sammie, this is The Making of… Sammie Boy.

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The making of…
Pepe Saya.

With a humble butter that is now the byword for premium, handcrafted quality, provenance and transparency, this is The Making of… Pepe Saya.

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The making of…
Ethos Magazine.

Championing, inspiring and celebrating sustainable, ethical businesses of all shapes and sizes. This is The Making of… Ethos Magazine.

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The making of…
Happy Human.

With products that are refillable, sustainable, ethical and totally affordable, meet the cleaning product brand that is 100% a whole new kind of clean.

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The making of…

Some of the best product ideas are the simplest. Taking out the mess of frying, the pain of washing-up and cooking oil from the drain. Genius.

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The making of…
The Dirt Company.

With 99% natural ingredients and sustainable detergents, this brand is cleaning up the planet’s laundry from the inside… out.

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The making of…
Calm & Stormy.

The volcano filtered, healthy mineral water brand putting the world’s taste-buds to rights. This is The Making of… Calm & Stormy.

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The making of…
Highwayman Whisky.

A lifetime of experience distilled into one of the world’s coolest, newest Whisky labels. This is The Making of… Highwayman Whisky.

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The making of…

As packaging waste suffocates the planet, there is one edible coffee cup that’s taking on packaging waste… one flat-white at a time.

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The making of…
Bread & Jam.

Networking. Investing. Selling. The FMCG event paying-it-forward to a whole new generation of start-ups. This is The making of… Bread & Jam.

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The making of…
The Vegan Dairy.

True revolution can appear in many, many different forms. This radical plant-based one just happens to be in the shape of cheese.

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The making of…
Three Wishes.

Good things come in threes. Organic. Vegan. Sugar free. Fill up on the magic number that is possibly the healthiest, funnest cereal on the planet.

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The making of…
Pop Up Grocer.

Supermarkets aren’t known for radical change, but behind this grocery’s counter, one of the world’s coolest, future-focused brands is being built.

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The making of…
Like The Wind.

Do what you love. Love what you do. This is a story of lifestyle shifts, passion, side-hustles that take over your life and running, lots of running.

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The making of…
Curiously Cauli.

Versatile, tasty as heck, packed with nutrients, immune-boosting properties and more vit C than an Orange… The humble cauliflower just became super.

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The making of…
Future Noodles.

No more pots, obscure ingredients, dodgy flavours or E numbers that make you glow in the dark. Say hello to the healthier, tastier future of noodles.

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The making of…
BAE Juice.

South Korea, meeting the inlaws, imbibing on good times and discovering a new cure for hangovers. It’s amazing what happens when worlds collide.

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The making of…

Sip Sip Hooray! As the downward trend in alcohol consumption continues, an uber-cool Swedish alternative is finding its place on the drinks trolley.

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The making of…

Yoga, Hiit, Tri… whatever your groove, you probably know the benefits of a massage roller. But what about one that kicks PVC and EVA to the curb?

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10 Years Of Hunter – Part 1.

In 2010, our mission was simple: create value for clients. 10 years on, we look back at what was learned, what’s changed and what the future holds.

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10 Years Of Hunter – Part 2.

After becoming one of Australia’s top branding agencies, Matt and Simon talk about what they would have done differently and some lessons learned.

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10 Years Of Hunter – Part 3.

After 10 years building one of Australia’s top branding agencies, Hunter founders Matt & Simon talk about favourite projects and unexpected moments.

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10 Years Of Hunter – Part 4.

10 years in on inspiring, creating and championing smart business ideas, Hunter founders Matt Gibbins and Simon Hakim directly compare 2010 to 2020.

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Five DTC food brands taking on the multinationals

Which of these fantastic DTC food brands will be making an impact on the food categories we all love and become a regular on your larder shelves?

hunter © dtc drinks blog

Five DTC beverage brands shaking things up

As the world thirsts for exciting new tastes, here are five tipples that are taking on the corporates whilst tickling taste-buds like no tomorrow.

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Hunter’s guide to… strategy

Strategy is a bit like building blocks. Position them correctly and your business or brand can touch the clouds. Here’s a bit more on building skyscrapers.

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When big brands fight.

As featured on B&T weekly, Hunter CEO, Simon Hakim looks at beer label mega-mergers and the lessons to be learned for challenger brands of all sizes.

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Hunter’s guide to… timing your rebrand.

No matter where your business is in its lifecycle, there are clear signals to indicate when might be the time for a rebrand. Here’s what to look for.

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Why we don’t pitch at Hunter.

Notoriously time, $$$ and energy consuming, the whole pitch process has plagued clients and agencies since forever. Here’s our thoughts on the matter.

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Hunter’s guide to… a minimum viable brand for Start-Ups.

As most founders might agree, branding a Start-Up can seem a daunting prospect. Here are some useful fundamentals for creating the bones of your brand.

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Hunter’s guide to… managing a rebrand in a fast-growth business.

Rebranding whilst scaling any business can be a rollercoaster ride at the best of times. However, these simple tips could make the process smoother.

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