Article / Opinion Five DTC (direct-to-consumer) food brands taking on the multinationals.

Food is big business for big corporations. Whilst there are no end of boutique food brands, are there any with the potential to take on the big guys at their own game? Here we take a look at five brands taking a shot in the biggest food categories.


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Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon make healthy cereal for adults with unapologetic childish fun. Unlike the big cereal corps, their formula is not grain meets sugar, but rather a cereal that is low in carbs and high in protein.

The brand has worked hard to get the satisfying cereal crunch, puff and sweetness into their boxes. The magic ingredients include milk protein, natural sweetener, tapioca flour and chicory root fibre. Magic Spoon is available in the US on subscription or via one-time purchase.

hunter © magicspoon

Smart Sweets

Smart Sweets kick sugar in the flabby butt and has saved its customers from consuming one billion grams of sugar. The sweets deliver a fraction of the sugar content, contain plant-based fibre and use vegetable juice for colouring.

Tara Bosch invented Smart Sweets from her kitchen before dropping out of college to pursue her mission to create healthier sweets. The company is proudly “Women Owned” with a female exec team and employs 83% women.

hunter © smartsweets

Fix & Fogg

Fix & Fogg are like the Willy Wonkas of peanut butter. Alongside the classic nut flavours is ‘Smoke and Fire’ and an ‘Everything Butter’ which uses 8 nuts and seeds including hemp, chia, pumpkin seeds, peanuts and almonds.

As part of a community focus Fix & Fogg make a Lucky Dip jar; essentially a seconds product, which cannot be bought, but rather given to a worthwhile cause or charity. The NZ brand recently set up local production in the USA to deliver their antipodean flavour innovations to the home of peanut butter.

Doisy & Dam

Doisy & Dam make dark chocolate snacks that major on ethics and better ingredients. The company are taking it head-to-head with the major confectioners by moving away from niche premium branding and going populist. Doisy & Dam sell direct to customers but are also beginning to find traction in the UK supermarket aisles.

The chocolate maker promises natural ingredients with no additives or E numbers. Daisy & Dam never use palm oil and claim to have a transparent direct supply chain which pays cocoa growers fairly.

hunter © dosiy

Moon Cheese

Moon Cheese is a crunchy cheese snack that could be a substitute for crisps and even stack up against nuts and jerky. You’d expect this snack to be cheesy judging by the name but it is in fact 100% cheese and naturally high in calcium, protein and low in carbs.

The snack is created using a technology called radiant energy vacuum, a form of dehydration, which means Moon Cheese never needs refrigerating. The brand can be bought online in the US.

hunter © moon cheese

So that’s five DTC food brands we feel are making waves in the biggest food categories, but what about drinks? Read which five DTC beverage brands we think are shaking things up.

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