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When Big Brands Fight.

As featured on B&T weekly, Hunter CEO, Simon Hakim looks at beer label mega-mergers and the lessons to be learned for challenger brands of all sizes.

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Hunter’s guide to… timing your rebrand.

No matter where your business is in its lifecycle, there are clear signals to indicate when might be the time for a rebrand. Here’s what to look for.

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Why we don’t pitch at Hunter.

Choosing a brand agency is a big decision for a client. Likewise, so is selecting the right opportunities as an agency. Our time and resources are finite. We like to do a great job for people, products and services we believe in. Here’s why we think ditching the pitch makes sense all round.


Five DTC (direct-to-consumer) food brands taking on the multinationals

Five DTC (direct-to-consumer) food brands taking on…


Five DTC (direct-to-consumer) beverage brands shaking things up

Five DTC (direct-to-consumer) beverage brands shaking things…

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