The Promised Land

There’s a book by Obama, a film by Gus Van Sant and Matt Damon, a TV Series on Hulu as well as numerous biblical references to The Promised Land. However, in the context of business… and more specifically here at Hunter, it’s how we term success.

What success looks like to you is all we care about. And if we’re going to paraphrase, whilst all roads might lead to Rome, it’s our job to ensure you take the right one; not necessarily the easiest, straightest or the fastest, but the best road for success.

Change for the better

Whilst every client can be different, so can the balance between what we provide. Some projects may require more creative and strategic thinking, whereas others can lean heavily towards execution. Broadly speaking we provide two areas of expertise:


  • Business model innovation
  • Business model evaluation
  • Brand strategy
  • Creative strategy


  • Creative direction
  • Art direction
  • Design direction
  • Copywriting
  • Conceptual development
  • Identity, packaging, design and execution – print, digital and physical

We undertake this work with you and your team in the form of workshops, short-term projects or longer-term retainer arrangements, remotely, virtually and face-to-face.

Conversations are everything

Over the years we’ve run hundreds of workshops. It’s not something we’ve advertised or pushed for the sake of running a workshop… instead, it’s either been part of the Hunter Planning Process © or something a client has specifically requested. Whether it’s for innovation, brand strategy, creative ideation or sound boarding, we believe workshops should be fun, collaborative, human, honest, actionable… and, more importantly, be treated as conversations, not presentations.

To find out more about how we can help you reach the Promised Land — contact us by emailphone or via the Hunter bot.

“They’re extremely strategic and are willing to challenge the norm.”

— Elissa Booth, Managing Director, Ocean Spray, ANZ

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