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Sourci / Procurement $1m to $43m in the blink of an eye.

Scaling digital procurement success story, Sourci to meteoric heights.

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Brand Scale-Up


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No one sets out on that roller-coaster ride of being a start-up with the goal of ‘slow, measured growth’ in mind. Sure, that would give you a natural sense of what your runway is and would probably match your financials, but accelerated growth is the go-to ambition. And if you achieve it, that normally means your start-up stars have truly aligned. But what happens when you grow from $1m to $43m in the blink of an eye? 

For Giovanni Pino and Ellie Vaisman, co-founders of procurement superstars, Sourci, the natural inclination would have been to keep things the same and not tinker with their winning formula. What’s that adage? If it ain’t broke? Er-errr, wrong. Knowing that good fortune can quickly turn to bad luck, the pair realised they needed to pour fuel on the fire and push things as hard as they could. A simple refresh of their MVB (Minimal Viable Brand) was not going to cut it.

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Now, for the benefit of those who have never experienced working with a procurement company before, here’s a quick breakdown of what they can be like; conservative, complicated and uninspiring. If ever there was a category to copy old insurance brands of the early 00’s, this is it. That vibe is also the complete opposite to the energy Giovanni and Ellie bring to their business. 

One of the first things we ask all clients as part of the Hunter Planning Process are 5 simple questions that help shed light on what’s going on in their world. The answers are always unique and help us make sense of their world, simplify the complicated and turn challenges into opportunity.

In Sourci’s case, from the get-go it was clear they did more than help brands manufacture products overseas before importing and distributing them. Sourci make business dreams a reality. They also knew the emotions attached to trying to get a product off the ground whilst their proficiencies make business owners and procurement managers lives easier. 

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Coupled with Giovanni and Ellie’s positive energy, this level of EQ was something to lean into with their new positioning of ‘Make amazing happen’. With a consistent brand voice and identity, momentum has been epic with sustained growth. As Giovanni and Ellie won Young Entrepreneurs Of The Year, their status as pioneers in the category looks confirmed.

Brand Scale-Up Lessons / Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t let success make the business complacent. Look for opportunities to grow new audiences whilst improving service to your current ones. 
  • Stay true to your ‘why’. It’s what got you to this point and will help propel things forward. 
  • EQ is everything. It helps define your brand identity and voice. It’s probably also part of your success so far.

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