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myeden / Medical Plant-based medicine 2.0 - Redefining a brave new world.

When a new growth category is broken, what can smart business thinking do to save the day?

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For anyone who's experienced launching a successful start-up in a new growth category, like Tommy Huppert, Founder & CEO of plant-based medicine brand Cannatrek, this situation will probably sound familiar to you. 

Long story short; you start up in a new category, in this instance, growing and producing plant-based medicines. Demand outstrips supply. The world sees the category as a boom market. Competitors wade in, resulting in a crowded, confused space with poor consumer experiences. 

Now, this isn’t a case of ‘that’s why we can’t have nice things’. Instead, it’s a case of redefining a broken industry. Tommy looked at it as an opportunity to right some wrongs and advance a more holistic, ‘people/planet first’ yet professional approach to the whole plant-based medicinal market.

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Looking at the issues of the heavily regulated category and the wider Pharmaceutical industry, Tommy recognised the process from getting a script signed off by a doctor to finally getting your meds was misinformed and convoluted. How could he speedily get Cannatrek product into the hands of the people who really needed it?

As Hunter got to grips with the true potential of the opportunity, Tommy, Paul Schwartz, Cannatrek’s Head Of Marketing and our team worked through how this new healthcare ecosystem could work from a structural point of view and also how the concept could become public facing around the world.

Building on the notion of taking healthcare back to the start, the idea of myeden was born - a brand built around a personal healthcare app that takes care of your plant-based healthcare needs, giving you access to the world’s leading plant-based medicine, online doctor consultations, script processing and speedy deliveries to your door. Developing the app and brand in conjunction with the whole UX promotes a better way for people to look after themselves.

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“The wonderful thing about Tommy’s vision is it’s the chance to create a whole new way for people to look after themselves,” says Matt Gibbins, Hunter’s Creative Partner. “As the healthcare industry is transformed by big tech players, people are more used to having access to healthcare on their wrist or phone. The idea of creating a plant-based healthcare brand around an app? At its core, it’s the perfect delivery mechanic with the potential to be so much more.”

Brand Reboot Lessons / Key Takeaways:

  • Shifts in strategy impact the business. So think long-term and work through the different scenarios.  
  • Decisions in the boardroom don’t necessarily translate well to your employees. So take time to bring them up to speed and share your reasons openly so everyone is clear on the new direction.  
  • Despite what you may read, nothing is easy. However, whilst the risks to a business can be huge, so too can the rewards.
  • Test your thinking in small amounts first, learn from the results and then iterate as you go.

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