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The Lumery / MarTech Bridging the MarTech Void.

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In today’s world, personalisation, greater efficiency and automation are the ultimate success drivers behind any marketing strategy. With MarTech (marketing technology), those streamlining opportunities can be seemingly endless.

And when we say endless… we mean ENDLESS. According to Scott Brinker, there are approximately 9,932 (up 24% from 2020) possible software solutions available to marketers. With so many options out there, whether that’s Salesforce or Optimizely… the biggest challenge for most businesses is how to string together an end-to-end solution that will deliver on the brand’s objectives and needs. This is where MarTech agency, The Lumery comes in. 

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With the MarTech landscape in growth and a long list of multinational clients like Jetstar, Bunnings, Mecca, Adore Beauty, Coles and the odd not-for-profits such as Movember, you’re probably wondering what the problem was and why would The Lumery’s Co-Founder & CEO, Rajan Kumar reach out to Hunter? 

Taking a moment to breathe, Raj sensed an opportunity to claim an authoritative, expert positioning that would add clarity to the sector whilst shedding light on the transgressions of the competition. But the burning question was ‘how’?

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Sometimes, shining a light on your competition’s complexity can illuminate your own expertise. As other agencies and software suppliers pushed their products and services as the perfect solution, we got Raj and The Lumery team to start thinking about their client’s lives - not just the business challenges or expensive software decisions but also what the heck was going on in the real world.

Building the brand strategy around the simple positioning ‘Bridging the gap in the MarTech Void’, the resulting identity was a breath of fresh air; something that reflected The Lumery team’s personality. Human, transparent and industry-jargon-free.

Fast-forward to today, The Lumery are seen as category leaders whilst winning accounts and awards with their non-BS approach. It just goes to show, keeping things simple produces the goods. 

Brand Reboot Lessons / Key Takeaways:

  • If you’re a scale-up business doing well, make the time to think deeply about your customers' world. The more you understand what impacts their day-to-day life, the more you can help.
  • Scale-ups are like rockets. As you grow, the people who got you to that position will most likely want to grow as well. Whilst culture might change and new people with different ideas come on board, don’t forget the values and principles that achieved the growth in the first place. 
  • We’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times. Success can come in many forms. Don’t let the industry, category or your peers define what your success should look like. That job is completely up to you and your co-founders. 

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