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The enduring, authentic heritage of Coors’ North Star.

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Molson Coors

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North stars are brilliant. If there’s one constant between successful start-ups, scale-ups or brands that have been around forever, it’s being able to lean and feed into a guiding principle or purpose to help connect customers with a brand’s heartbeat. 

When a brand is as long-in-the-tooth as iconic US beer label, Coors, there’s a literal goldmine of stories that not only link back to the brand’s North Star of being ‘Born In The Rockies’, but still have solid relevance today. Think along the lines of ‘pristine, crisp and pure’ just like the Rockies and you’ll start getting the picture

Wishing to gain a foothold in the tough Australian beer market, Coors wanted to grab attention and also celebrate something of their rich brand heritage. Digging deep into their archives, we stumbled upon a little known fact that Bill Coors (Uncle Bill to the family) was one of the pioneers of the recycling movement. Annoyed with the impact the bottle and tin-can production was having not just on the environment but also on the business, he set about looking for an alternative, lighter solution. His subsequent invention of the recyclable, aluminium can revolutionised life as we know it.

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As the trend for canning beer was gathering pace along with the world becoming even more climate conscious, we used the fact as our starting point to create an on-premise brand activation and consumer facing, content-driven social campaign to get people drinking Coors and crushing cans for good.

Besides the brand activation’s positive impact as Coors took off around Australia, the real magic here was the connection between modern consumers and a piece of visionary, purpose-driven action from 1959. Which just goes to show, if you can land on an authentic brand purpose that lives beyond fads or trends, it will serve you and the world well into the future.

“Our heritage is an extremely important part of the Coors brand, but it’s one that was perhaps less well known here in Australia, so we were keen to work with Hunter on the Coors Crushers to help bring it to the fore”.
— Marcus Kellett, National Activation Manager, Molson Coors

Brand Scale-Up Lessons / Key Takeaways:

  • Having a quality product or service is, no doubt, essential for a brand, but it’s not enough for today’s tech-savvy and information-seeking world. This is where the older more established brands can win by leveraging their heritage.
  • Every brand wants to be authentic. And there’s nothing more authentic than actual facts. Being first in something can go a long way with today’s consumer.
  • Nobody wants your branding splashed across their bars. So think about unique ways to create interest, interaction and ultimately brand purchase. Having respect for the venue owners as well as their audience is a win win.

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